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About Us

Our heart beats for those who cannot speak for themselves nor fight their own battles. DOC supports and uplifts the marginalized, disenfranchised communities and individuals, especially people of color.


In doing so, DOC endeavors to also help people stand for themselves in times of adversity, as well as uplifting those that are left behind due to no fault of theirs.


We believe that education is key, therefore, we educate such members regarding the technics of how to fish versus always been given the fish. Metaphorically meaning, we teach them how to stand on their own two feet than always haven to rely on others for support. 


Eventually, we want the world to understand and know that, the fact that someone does not look like you, eat like you, dress like you or probably sound like you does not mean they are not  intelligent as you think. 

We believe all people, especially women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Purpose

We want to socially impact the minority community by helping create diversity through education, advocacy, business entrepreneurship and ownership, as well as help the African woman specifically to discover their passion to achieve their goals.

In addition, create a common platform for minorities in the communities to share and leverage on their commonalities. With initial focus on communities in Colorado in terms of schools.

Our Purpose

Our Partners

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