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DOC is headquartered in the USA with a strategic positioning that seeks financial stability through appropriate grants and fund-raising processes for small businesses and enterprise development. They are heavily into training, education, advocacy/security, and capacity building for both the civilian and military leaders alike, including corporate institutions and individuals alike.

Mounted police

With lineage from the African continent, DOC partners with local and international institutions (nonprofits, for-profits, military etc.)  to deliver results, including - the use of the D.I.M.E model (Diplomacy, Information Technology, Military Force, and Economical means), security issues that are affecting country borders, especially in Africa. Also, in supply chain, operations management, educational research and human capital development, curtailing and shedding light on bad behaviors leading to anti-money laundering and countering the financing of illegal activities due to poverty and unemployment. With DOC’s breadth and depth thematic capability, they engage with communities by deploying its expertise to ensure success. 


Collectively, DOC and its institutional/cooperative partners team up in various regions, per the project at hand, to not just check a box, but deliver quality, productive, measurable results to society – the goal. It is said, the devil finds work for the idle hand, so our job is only complete when we replace that idle hand with a fulfilling and forward-looking career(s). We work closely also with local authorities, the media, politicians, chiefs, stakeholders, think-tanks, religious leaders, celebrities, but most of all, the community, to make it work


DOC takes both the top down and bottom-up strategic approaches. The top-down approach looks at pending issues related to engrained behavior leading to bad choices. This approach attempts to educate and create alternative resources like skills for the communities to revert from such attitude. While the bottom-up approach focuses on educating younger children on the effects of bad behaviors and the benefits of good behavior and its value to society. DOC pairs them to mentors and opinion leaders to guide them. Both approaches are conducted concurrently, so to mitigate, if possible, elicit bad behavior.    


Depending on the need at hand, DOC conducts thorough research on a particular region to determine the scope of work (SOW), assess the need and pair or partner with all the above mentioned, or selected few to achieve a greater result. What may work in one region/country, may not work in another, though similar problem(s). We are particular about avoiding using a one size fit it all strategy.

School Involvement

Imagine having your child been the only person of color in his/her class for a number of years, how comfortable would that child feel? It is true that one does have a choice in most cases as to where parents live and which school district their kids attend.  However, how one is treated and how one feels in terms of belonging counts a lot.That sparked the school diversity initiative for this part of our nonprofit program.


The idea is to help educate teachers and the school districts in Colorado to embrace and understand diversity - not just in the color of someones skin, but in their culture as well.

DOC  has also realized that, most elementary schools in the State and across the country consist of over 80% female teachers from all races and walks of life. However, the story changes when it gets to Middle Schools, High Schools and Colleges. There are more males than females in reverse. Is this by choice or by plan? Are remunerations equal? 


DOC understands this gap and endeavors to educate, help realign such mindsets and help balance such diversity issues.  Let's face it, women do a lot for us, able to multi-task and are strong and smart, however, having a diversified teaching community does not only help the students but also the teachers as well.

Preschool Teacher and Students

Small Businesses

We partner with SMEs, nonprofits and small businesses to provide training and education on how to thrive in their various businesses. Our goal is creating 'Synergy" by collaborating and sharing one common purpose. This is something that underpins the values and DNA of businesses.


It is believed that, two or more can achieve a lot than if it is one. With that principle in our ambit, we educate and coordinate - leading to sharing  of great opportunities, ideas and networking to create profitability.


We also share best practices, how to engage with the community in respect to our civic duties and partner with other businesses, to provide the path for success and added value.

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We work closely with our community leaders and members to fill the gap between their needs and the knowledge required to sustain such necessities.

While we work directly with the communities ourselves, we also work through other channels like nonprofits, opinion leaders, group presidents (office and non office base) - some of whom have over 10, 000 members. We are a trusted voice because we are seen as part of the community, we speak their "language", understand their various cultures and meet their needs with the dignity it requires.

We engage in advocacy work when necessary to educate other nonprofits and businesses. We also serve as the bridge between the communities and where the opportunities are.

DOC currently has a bicycle initiative in the coming months to provide to those who need it as a form of transport/exercise for themselves and or for their children. 

Group Planting a Tree


We mentor, provide coaching, guidance and sometimes workshops for groups or individuals within the community.


Our experts (committees or individuals), some of whom have been given prestigious awards for their community work, come together per the area of their expertise to lead in specific educational programs. 

We pay close attention to the African woman specifically with the believe emanated from Dr. James Aggrey that "'if you educate a man, you educate an individual, but when you educate a woman, you educate a whole nation". In this case, since most of the African woman have been marginalized, especially those with accents, DOC endeavors to speak and  stand for them. We desire to empower them through knowledge and wisdom, so they know where to get access to own their freedom, potential and minds.

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